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  Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Appraisal (CPAFLA)

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Fitness Programs << Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing

All testing sessions are by appointment. Call 604-467-4657.

Fitness Test

Clients are provided with a comprehensive one hour fitness and health risk evaluation including cardiovascular, endurance, strength, flexibility, BMI and body composition.

1 Session: $80

Fitness Package

CPFLA one hour standardized fitness test and a one hour counseling session with a kinesiologist to design a personalized fitness program that will help you meet your fitness goals.

2 Sessions: $117.35 (2 hours)

Athletic Testing (all sports)

All Sports; Wingate, strength, flexibility, cardio, and SQAB (speed, quickness, agility, balance).

Call 604-467-4025 for fees

Body Fat Test

Measures percent body fat using skinfold calipers.

1 session: $37.35

Paramedic Program - Physical Fitness Assessment

To schedule an appointment for your fitness test call 604-467-4657. The fee for this appraisal is $125 (includes HST) and usually takes about 1¼ hours. Payment is either by cash, cheque or Visa. The appraiser is required to fill out and sign forms that you need to submit in your application package.

Come to the testing session in gym strip and running shoes. Do not eat, smoke or drink alcohol or caffeine for at least 2 hours before the appraisal. Do not exercise for 6 hours before the appraisal. Not following these instructions may adversely affect your test results on the appraisal. Also, trying to “cram” for the test by doing extra-hard exercise sessions 1 or 2 days before the appraisal will not work and may also adversely affect your results.

This Justice Institute of BC PDF describes the process in more detail, including what forms you will need to collect and submit from your appraiser. On this web-site you will need to print the Paramedic Academy Physical Fitness Assessment Sign-off Form and bring it to the appraisal session. 

The test is administered by a Certified Exercise Physiologist who is listed as a registered appraiser by CSEP www.csephealthfitnessbc.ca/

CPAFLA Protocol


All clients must complete the appropriate prescreening paperwork. This is not only for the safety of the client, but is part of the professional protocol for CSEP fitness professionals.

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire.

This document allows our fitness professionals to determine if the client needs to seek medical approval from their doctor before participating in physical activity/exercise program and/or health/fitness appraisal. It may be necessary for the client and physician to complete the PARmed-X. A consent form must be signed and completed by each client with a third party signature.

Pre-Exercise Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Normal resting values for heart rate are <80 bpm.
Normal resting values for blood pressure are < 120/80 mmHg.

Skinfold testingHealthy Body Composition

Weight (kg), Height (cm), BMI (kg/m2), Waist Circumference (cm), SO5S (sum of five skinfold sites-triceps, biceps, subscapular, iliac crest and medial calf) and SOTS (sum of two trunk skinfolds). Comparison between SO5S and SOTS scores indicates fat distribution pattern and with BMI this indicates health risk.

Healthy Aerobic Fitness

Healthy Aerobic FitnessUsing the mCAFT, an indirect, submax protocol, (85% max heart rate cut off) a client's aerobic fitness capacity will be determined. It predicts a client's maximum capacity without taking the client to his/her maximum. This will inform the client how efficient his/her heart, lungs and circulatory system are in the transport of oxygen throughout the body and to the working muscles. This protocol looks at a client's heart rate response to progressively increasing, pre-determined workloads. The more stages a client can complete, the more efficient his/her aerobic system is. Post exercise blood pressure measurements and heart rate are taken to see if the client's physiological system(s) responded to the exercise appropriately, to monitor rate of recovery, and to ensure that his/her values are returning to normal, pre-exercise values.

Healthy Musculoskeletal Fitness

In order for a CSEP professional to provide the best, most reliable information on a client's musculoskeletal fitness the measurement of all fitness components is recommended, however, any and all are optional.

Grip Strength (kg) *Combined Hand Grip-The highest score on the Right plus the highest score on the Left (Kg)
Push-Ups (max. number, no time limit)
Sit & Reach (cm)
Partial Curl-Ups (max. number, up to 25)
Vertical Jump (cm)
Peak Leg Power (watts)
Back Extension (second, max. 180 seconds)

Composite Musculoskeletal Fitness:

Combined Grip Strength, Push-Ups, Sit & Reach, Partial Curl-Ups, Leg Power

All results are calculated and compared to Canadian norms. This normative information was gathered on 500 Canadians at random ages 15-69 years. The client receives an interpretation of his/her results with the associated health benefits/risks. Our professionals discuss with the client his/her personal goals, how to achieve them, and how to integrate physical activity into his/her lifestyle for optimum health and well-being.

• Dress for exercise. Wear shorts/track pants, t-shirt and running shoes.
• We recommend the client be dressed in their workout clothing and ready for their assessment five minutes prior to his/her scheduled appointment.

• Eat a heavy meal two hours prior to the appointment.
• Drink caffeine beverages two hours prior to the appointment.
• Drink alcohol six hours prior to the appointment.
• Smoke during the two hours prior to the appointment.
• Participate in strenuous physical activity six hours prior to the appointment


Fitness and lifestyle counselling includes interpreting the results of your fitness assessment and developing an action plan based on those results for you to achieve your goals. You can also receive sound, nutritional advice based on Canada’s Food Guide. General questions regarding fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle can also be addressed.


This analysis will help determine how much fat, muscle mass and excess body fat you have (if any). Weight (kg), Height (cm), BMI (kg/m2), Waist Circumference (cm), SO5S (sum of five skinfold sites-triceps, biceps, subscapular, iliac crest and medial calf) are all taken.

Results of these measures provide useful information for individuals interested in knowing current percentages as well as for monitoring changes that happen when incorporating physical activity and proper nutrition.


Direct Test:
This is the single best test for measuring aerobic fitness. Aerobic fitness is the ability to use oxygen at an efficient rate during muscular work. A high level of aerobic fitness is desirable for performing many activities and sports. The maximal oxygen consumption value (VO2 max) is a measure of the maximal rate at which oxygen can be taken in, transported and used to perform muscular work.

Oxygen consumption (VO2) is assessed on a two-tiered step of standardized dimensions.

The test duration is usually 3 – 15 minutes and progresses from a relative easy intensity up to sub-maximal (85%) intensity. The data from the test is useful in a number of ways:

  • The VO2 max or VO2 peak score is used to classify the aerobic fitness of the client and can be compared to age-matched Canadian norms, or to specific exercise or sport data.

  • The relative score is expressed per kilogram of body weight and is important for:

    • athletes, such as runners, who must move their body weight against the force of gravity,

    • and for comparing individuals of different body sizes.


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